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This selection contains poems de cultu deorum et vita hominum (about the worship of the gods and the life of men) by Horace, Martial, Virgil, Seneca and Lucretius.


The Stories

A country festival   Page 86

Horace, Odes III.18

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Recipe for happiness  Page 88

Martial, Epigrams X.47

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Spring and thoughts of mortality   Page 90

Horace, Odes IV.7

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Elysium   Page 94

Virgil, Aeneid VI 638-665

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Live now!   Page 96

Martial, Epigrams I.15.11-12

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The only form of immortality   Page 96

Seneca 415 in Anthologia Latina I.1 (ed. D. R. Shackleton Bailey)

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The poet's advice to mourners   Page 98

Lucretius, De Rerum Natura III.894-903

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