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After their arrival in Latium in Italy, Aeneas and his Trojan followers are at first welcomed by Latinus, king of the Latini. However, the goddess Juno, who is hostile to the Trojans, starts a war between the two peoples. After an incident during a hunt, two of the Latini are killed and war breaks out.


The Stories

Nisus et Euryalus   Page 12

Virgil, Aeneid IX.176-502 (edited extracts)

Aeneas leaves the Trojan camp and sails up the River Tiber to Pallanteum to seek an alliance with King Evander. During Aeneas' absence, Turnus attacks the Trojan camp and sets fire to their ships. Aeneas has told the Trojans not to do battle outside their camp and both sides dig in. It is night...

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