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The Stories

Pythius   Page 152

Cicero wrote the De Officiis to guide his son towards living a moral life. In it he told a number of stories which praised those who lived honestly and criticised those who harmed the interests of others for their own gain. This is one such story.

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Regulus   Page 154

Regulus enjoyed a long career as an informer, first under Nero and then under Domitian. Another of his specialities was legacy-hunting, as in this story told by Pliny to his close friend Calvisius.

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Sempronia   Page 156

The historian Sallust wrote an account of the revolutionary conspiracy of Cataline in 63 BC. After giving details of the men involved in the conspiracy, he proceeded to describe the few women to take part ...

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Clodia   Page 158

Cicero defended Caelius on a charge of attempting to poison his former mistress Clodia, a talented social beauty with a notorious reputation. At this point in his defence, Cicero makes a series of counter-accusations against Clodia in order to blacken her character.

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