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A selection of eight short poems on the theme of amor (love) by the poets Catullus, Martial, Ovid, Horace and Petronius.


The Stories

How many kisses?   Page 48

Catullus, Poem 7

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Can she be faithful?   Page 48

Catullus, Poem 109

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Conflicting emotions   Page 48

Catullus, Poem 85

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Contradictions   Page 50

Martial, Epigrams XII.46(47)

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Ovid picks a favorite at the races   Page 50

Ovid, Amores III.2.1-14

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Pyrrha   Page 52

Horace, Odes I.V

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Alycone fears for her husband Ceyx   Page 54

Ovid, Metamorphoses XI.415-29, 439-43

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Love will not let the poet sleep   Page 56

Petronius, fragment

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Notes and Cultural Background

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